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The Tinder Scam: REHINA SHATKAYA, the Ukrainian girl, robbing men. 

The scamming game of "babyface" girl Rehina Shalatska. Her name is Rehina Shatkaya, and she also goes by Regina. She has scammed several men across the world. She finds her victims on Tinder (a dating platform). Behind her "innocent face," she has a plan to rip off her male victims. 


Her plan: She starts to create a romance, making you believe that she cares for you. We had exclusive access to several conversations exchanged with a successful man. Then, one day her plan starts into action. She sends you pictures of her crying that she is stuck in Cyprus without money or food. She is asking for money to help her. See the picture. 



















Then once she receives the money through her accomplice Dmytro U. (who is in charge of collecting money and then sends it to the scam artist Regina), she pretends to make you believe that she is flying to come to see you. Instead, she writes you that she "loves you" with an essential choice of wording. 

It is still unknown what Regina Shalatska does in Cyprus, but several sources have cited that they recognized that she sells her "services."

She claims she needs money to come to meet you and asks you for the last help. Then once she has received money from you, she never takes the flight, though she does try to change it to another destination to use the flight for her own benefit, and then she entirely disappears.


These kinds of actions are unfortunately quite frequent these days. Based on several sources, Regina is living off scamming "sugar daddies" from Warsaw and Cyprus. She has a Ukrainian Passport and is living in Warsaw.

She appears as a model on her Instagram: _regina_g.l_

Hopefully, the victim is filing a full criminal complaint to the French, and Polish Authorities, who will hopefully conduct a full investigation and put in jail Regina Shalaska. The victim has also made a report on Instagram and Tinder.


Please write to us if you also have been a victim of this person.

Here are examples of her conversations on Instagram, obtained from one victim:


Then her plan enters into action, when she sends this message in Russian, saying she has no money, adding a photo of crying (which she used for others victims as well). This scamming technique was used in the documentary "The Tinder Swindler".


Once the flights have been purchased, and she is asking for more money for a supposedly help.

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