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Real Duff Beer from the Simpsons

Duff Beer, Homer Simpson’s brain killer of choice, is one of the most iconic fictitious beers in pop culture history. For years brewers have been trying to capitalize on the beer’s fame and appeal, only to be shut down by 21st Century Fox lawyers. Right now the only official Duff anyone can drink is at the Simpsons-themed bars within Universal Studios theme parks. But that’s all about to change: the media giant plans on creating and selling Duff for real, according to the Wall Street Journal:

The company has been consulting with a brewmaster to get the flavor just right and plans subtle packaging with no obvious nods to the TV show—just a replica of the cartoon brew that will play like an inside joke for Simpsons superfans.

Chileans will soon be able to experience the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems, which in real life will also allegedly have a "caramel aromatic." There are no current plans to bring the suds to the United States, however:

But why launch in Chile first? It was a case of, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Fox has been fighting the rise of unauthorized versions of the brew in the Chilean market and has had some success. The company filed an intellectual property complaint that led Chilean police to seize contraband bottles by the tens of thousands.

They are also planning to bring Duff to more South American and European countries next year. In addition, it's worth noting that officially licensed Duff was already sold to consumers last year in the Australian grocery store Woolworths, though they discontinued it after 10 weeks out of fear that children would get the wrong impression. Turns out someone is thinking of the children — unless those children live in South America or Europe.

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