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French baritone DAVID SERERO will perform two open-air concerts on TIMES SQUARE on Sept 26 & 27.

David Serero Times Square best of France

French Baritone David Serero will perform two Open Air Concerts on Times Square for BEST OF FRANCE on Saturday, September 26th at 5 p.m. and Sunday, September 27th at 12.

French President Mr. François Hollande will be present at the event on Sunday.

During these concerts, David Serero will perform a variety of operas, Broadway Classics, Standards, and French Chansons.

Concerts are free and open to the public.

Born in Paris and living in New York, David Serero has gained international recognition as an Actor and a Baritone. At only 34 years old, this fresh performer has performed over 800 concerts and performances worldwide. Some of these have been broadcast worldwide, totaling an average audience of 30 million and 18 million on the radio.

Performing on the most prestigious worldwide stages and for the most important occasions, this true Show-Man and Entertainer brings a fresh approach to the Opera world by giving more than 80 concerts per year, during which he brings all his eclectic repertoire (Opera, Broadway, World Music, Jazz, and Comedy), resulting as unique shows. He has given concerts at the Opera Garnier Paris, L'Olympia, The Eiffel Tower..the Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow, the Budapest Opera conducted by Placido Domingo, a concert at the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam...and made his sold-out WEST END debuts at the Dominion Theatre.

David performed at Wembley Stadium and the Royal College of Music in London. He has sung over 20 lead roles in Opera, Operetta, and Musical Theater. He organizes several concerts in benefit charities for which he commits himself daily and performs for Presidents and the most prominent world leaders. He often goes to perform in Hospitals, schools...etc. In March 2012, David Serero performed his signature role of Don Quixote from MAN OF LA MANCHA in Paris. In November 2012 in Paris, David Serero performed the title role in the revival of Duke ELLINGTON's only musical, Beggar's HOLIDAY, and starred in the cast album recording.

In January 2013, David performed with JERMAINE JACKSON in YOU ARE NOT ALONE, a musical written, directed, and produced by David Serero. David has produced and directed I WISH YOU LOVE, an album of Jazz standards with Jermaine Jackson. In December 2013, David shared the cover of "Theatre & Performances" with BARBRA STREISAND in London and made his BROADWAY solo debut at the SNAPPLE Theatre in New York. As an Actor, he starred in feature films, TV Movies series, and Plays. He recently performed in New York the lead roles in the movie The Kingdom of the Alley, Ring Ring, Super Paradise, Capicola, Laundry Day, Ransom, There Will Come Soft Rains, and more. He recorded THE BROADWAY BARITONE, featuring Broadway classics with a Philharmonic orchestra. From May to October 2014, he gave more than 100 performances of his One Man Musical Show in Paris at the Theatre du Gymnase.

During the summer of 2014, he recorded NAPOLEON's entire love letter correspondence to Josephine and released his new studio album, THE CROONER BARITONE, The Frank Sinatra Classics. From October 2014 to April 2015, he has been playing the part of Chef Bruno in the musical TRUFFLES in New York. In March, he played Sly and Vincentio (TAMING OF THE SHREW) at the New York Public Library. In May, he was King Edward (RICHARD III) in New York and Louis the Dauphin (KING JOHN) later in June. In May in New York, he played the lead role of Marcel Proust in the play « Proust and Joyce at the Majestic Hotel.» In June, he starred as Shylock (THE MERCHANT OF VENICE) in New York.

Future engagements in New York: SHYLOCK (January 2016), both titles roles of Verdi's NABUCCO (April 2016) and Shakespeare's OTHELLO (June 2016) at the Center for Jewish History.

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