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THE CAPUCINE'S BIRTHDAY, the musical, plays at the Comedie de Paris theater

THE CAPUCINE'S BIRTHDAY, musical (for 1 to 6 years old) plays at Comedie de Paris theater: "Today, Capucine is 3 years old. But her mother warned her: no party before the nap! Capucine then falls asleep and dreams soon ... soon his birthday party with her friends, her cake with 3 candles ... Ah yes, but the candles, which she has so many rows? If Capucine does not remember more, they can fortunately rely on his friends the snail, hedgehog, or spider Gypsy to help find them ... All aboard for Capucine with an enchanting stroll through the nooks and crannies garden, where each new encounter is an opportunity to discover or rediscover a new rhyme! "

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