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UN, DEUX, TROIS SOLEIL (ONE, TWO, THREE SUN) is a big hit at Paris theater

1 2 3 soleil au Theatre du Ranelagh

Playing at the Theatre du Ranelagh (Paris) « UN DEUX TROIS... SOLEIL », (translate One, Two, Three Sun) is a new theater play with Delphine DEPARDIEU, Michel VOLETTI, Jérémie DUVALL et Marie TIRMONT.

"After twelve years of absence, tired to escape a past that haunts her, Claire, the eldest of the siblings, returns to the city of his youth to find his. Yet it is not expected ... In fact, for a long time! This return of the "big" is an opportunity to deal with childhood memories, the bitterness of his sister Mary, to the joy of his brother Julian, at his father's silence, the unspoken become too heavy to carry ... but also the opportunity to talk, to feel, to rediscover the family and maybe to give a new chance to be happy together ... With "Un Deux Trois Soleil ..." Christelle George chose to talk about "post". How to rebuild, find ourselves, accept, forgive? His characters are simple people, whole, who react with the heart. His writing sounds right. She has forged with subtlety and intelligence the family link, finding the perfect balance between past and present to make, the topic "delicate", strong, a beautiful love story, moving and light ... "

THE CULTURE NEWS strongly recommends this wonderful play led by an amazing cast. All the actors on stage are very expressive. If you happen to visit Paris, you MUST see this very creative play.

Watch the trailer:

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