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THE MIRACLE OF LONG JOHNS by David Lefkowitz was a great success at the UNITED SOLO 2015 FESTIVAL

THE MIRACLE OF LONG JOHNS was a great success at the UNITED SOLO 2015 FESTIVAL.

Mr. David Lefkowitz, one of the most noted theater critics in America, presented his one-man performance of THE MIRACLE OF LONG JOHNS, written and directed by himself.

85 minutes of pure genius, laughter, and great stories.

Mr. Lefkowitz sweats by his intelligence, remarkable eloquent vocabulary carefully chosen yet melted with a fine and delicate sense of humor.

The audience loved it and laughed during the whole performance. A great stage presence with a show-stopper quality made that full-of-energy evening unforgettable.

The UNITED SOLO FESTIVAL, directed by Mr Omar Sangare, proves again that their artistic choice can be fully trusted. Their program is available at

If you were one of the unlucky people to have missed this performance, you may probably catch up with his unique sense of humor on his radio show: DAVE'S GONE BY on Saturdays, 11-2 pm (ET) on or

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