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Every Saturday night for the last 5 years, crowds of ecstatic fans and newcomers alike have thrown on their best spandex, leg warmers and metal gear, lined up, and come downtown for an all-out celebration at the BACK TO THE EIGHTIES SHOW.

Originally at the Canal Room, the show's producer and band manager Marcus Linial moved the party to a more spacious venue down the street, LE POISSON ROUGE, 158 Bleecker Street. Still every single Saturday night! LPR, as it is often referred to, has state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment, fantastic staff and service and is located on the most prestigious “live music street” in the world.

The party has only continued to grow since the move. Each week you can find hundreds of fans singing at the top of their lungs, dancing and having the time of their lives as the top-notch musicians and vocal performers of JESSIE’S GIRL blow them away. JESSIE’S GIRL has mastered stunning renditions of the world's most vibrant songs, all while dressed up as the unforgettable characters of that decade! Bon Jovi, Cindi Lauper, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, and many more come to life right before the dazzled eyes of the crowd. It is theatre, meets live music, smothered in 80’s glitz. A performance like no other and a party you have to experience to believe.

JESSIE’S GIRL’s primary line-up includes a team of NYC's top rock and pop vocalists: Up-and-coming superstar Jenna O'Gara, Off-Broadway’s Chris Hall and renown “Sting” impersonator Mark Rinzel. Not to mention frequent appearances by Broadway’s own Constantine Maroulis, the Tony nominated star of Rock of Ages and American Idol finalist. They are backed by one of the tightest bands in the city comprised of 20+ year veterans of the NYC music scene: Eric Presti on guitar, Sky on keys, Drew Mortali on bass, and Michael Maenza on drums, each with dozens of credits performing with authentic 80’s icons who made the music famous to begin with! In fact, BRET MICHAELS, MC HAMMER, COLIN HAY from MEN AT WORK, TIFFANY, DEBBIE GIBSON, TAYLOR DANE, MIKE SCORE from A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS, TONE LOC, ROB BASE and many more have all performed at the BACK TO THE EIGHTIES SHOW.

JESSIE’S GIRL, one of the hardest working bands around, does not stop with Saturdays or NYC! Their weeks are filled with high-profile appearances and private events around the US, bringing the BACK TO THE EIGHTIES SHOW to The Theater at Madison Square Garden for the I Want My 80s Concert, ABC / NY Magazine’s launch party for THE GOLDBERGS, a Halloween bash with Academy Award winner JAMIE FOXX, a private birthday party for 80’s icon NEIL PATRICK HARRIS and Coca Cola / Buffalo Wild Wing’s massive “Tablegate” event in Tempe AZ opening for SMASHMOUTH! The band has also recently enjoyed thunderous responses in packed rooms at prestigious regional venues such as Westchester’s CAPITOL THEATRE and Long Island’s PARAMOUNT THEATRE!

There is no decade like the Eighties and no party like THE BACK TO THE EIGHTIES SHOW with JESSIE’S GIRL. So throw on your best neon, use extra hair spray on that hair and head to LE POISSON ROUGE every Saturday - because its time to party like it’s 1989!

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