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THE BLOOD LED HER is a must read thriller by Robert DiGiacomo

THE BLOOD LED HER - The Culture News

When the past comes to derail the present, is self-sacrifice and unconditional love enough? After the success of The Boxed Angel, Robert DiGiacomo explores this very question in his breathtaking new sequel, The Blood Led Her, taking readers on a suspenseful, yet emotional thrill ride.

Claudia doesn’t care who Jesus is supposed to be. Her husband Decius has a job to do—kill him. She helps bathe her husband when he gets home, grasping the scroll that carried his orders. However, when Claudia accidentally swallows some of the blood of Jesus, Decius suddenly dies. Centuries later in Philadelphia, Al Campo’s trying to distance himself from the government agencies blackmailing him into doing their dirty work. He unexpectedly saves Eva, a twelve-year-old girl, when he’s almost shot by an assailant chasing her down. She can’t explain much about why she’s alone, and she won’t part with her backpack. Al later discovers the scroll she carries as they visit his sick friend—what he can't begin to imagine is its immense power.

Only two things are certain. Whoever’s after her won’t give up, and Al’s all she has. So it’s a race for survival as he remains her protector. But in the end, who’s protecting who?

Thrilling, yet moving, The Blood Led Her explores:

  • Unconditional love is most important, and a life is not worth living without it.

  • Self-sacrifice is the greatest gift you can give to the most important people in your life.

  • No matter what life throws at you, be it hardship, loss, or fear, you can always work through it with effort and determination.

  • The history of Christianity and Rome, and how it has shaped the world as we know it.

OUR REVIEW: Mr. DiGiacomo brings beautiful and eloquent writing with an intelligent vocabulary to this enjoyable thriller. The style and writing are both impeccable. THE BLOOD LED HER has all the ingredients of a perfect masterpiece thriller. A target, a girl, complex characters, religion, government, chase, and more. We will not be surprised to see this book adapted into a film, because this is first-class material. Imagine Jason Bourn and the Da Vinci Code in one book. Sounds good? Start immediately this journey with Mr DiGiacomo on board. You won't be disappointed. Another detail (if you need to), we must be thankful for the quality of the printing and the "easy to read" font for which your tired eyes will be grateful.

Robert DiGiacomo - The Culture News
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