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The CHELSEA FILM FESTIVAL presented a perfect opening night with a masterpiece thriller

OUR REVIEW: Yesterday, the CHELSEA FILM FESTIVAL presented its opening night. The 4th edition of this well-reputed festival promised a great program. The result was quite more than one could ever imagine. The evening was elegant and classy in the image of their founder Ingrid Jean-Baptiste who put together a perfect first-class evening. The soiree started with a beautiful photo call and red carpet, well attended by the filmmakers and important industry members. Media from all over the world were present as well. Then, as guests were invited to go in the sophisticated theater of leather seats of comfortable extra size, Ingrid Jean-Baptiste introduced, without further do, the head of Film & TV Commissioner of New York City, Madam Julie Menin and Deputy Borough Mr. Matthew Washington who both reaffirmed how this festival is unique and essential for filmmakers and diversity. The Chelsea Film Festival welcomed filmmakers from more than 24 countries. Diversity is their key, and they successfully proved it's a quality.

The film MISFORTUNE, directed and starring Desmond Devenish, was presented as the opening film of this brilliant festival. Let's talk about this film, which is nothing like its title. This is by far one of the most thrilling films you will ever watch this year. The acting is first class, played by Desmond Devenish and Xander Bailey as the lead roles. It's not surprising that these two talented artists both wrote the script. The script will take you to a new level of storytelling. Forget about other thrillers you watched before: The man wants to do a deal, it goes wrong, and the bad guys are after him. No, the story of Misfortune is vibrant and breathtaking, and you will never feel like that while watching a film. You literary live the moment with the actors. You are in the car with them, and you even think gunfire is coming near your head. The director Mr. Desmond Devenish managed to capture the soul, breath, emotions, room ambiance, and more like perhaps no directors have achieved before. Mr. Xander Bailey delivers a magnificent acting performance. Note also Jenna Kanell and Kevin Gage (Heat), who both gave terrific performances. This cast is what I call "Actors with faces." Talents born under the right star and who became stars on their own with hard, hard work.

We must also be grateful to the producer Sarah Kinga Smith who brought her expertise and knowledge to have this film done. The screening was followed by an engaging Q&A with the presence of Desmond Devenish, Xander Bailey, and Sarah Kinga Smith, who answered all the questions from the audience, who showed nothing but their admiration and appreciation for the fantastic film they have just watched. Mr. Devenish and Bailey met the audience, which rapidly became fans after the Q&A. These two passionate artists proved (once again) their enthusiasm and passion for the audience.

The evening ended at Burger and Lobster with a delicious dinner. There's never been a film festival and an opening night that was perfectly organized and well put together. It's what we call a "no flaws evening": Polite and elegant staff, great film, great food, smiles all over the faces, influential attendees, and you ain't seen anything yet. The best is yet to come!

The Chelsea Film Festival and Ingrid Jean-Baptiste have again proved how a film festival should be conducted. In their case, they achieved, without a doubt, perfection.

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