Interview with actress Isra Elsalihie

Today we’re meeting the young talented actress Isra Elsalihie! She’ll tell us about her amazing journey and what she has done so far. She's a pretty package full of talent!

Where were you born?

I was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. My parents are from Iraqi descent they moved to Sweden back in 1989 as refugees. I relocated to in New York in 2014 to pursue my career as an actress.

Tell us what you have done so far?

Since I graduated the two-year conservatory at Strasberg I have worked in theatre, film, television and voice over. I just got cast as Mary a supporting role in the play Anne Frank in the Gaza Strip, directed by Shaun Peknic, associated director for Once Musical on Broadway. I recently played the lead role in The Invaders, and independent short directed by award-winning Mateo Marquez. I also had a supporting role on animation series Super Wings, nominated for the International Emmy Kids Awards.

What is it that you like so much about New York’s entertainment energy?

I like the fast pace, all the opportunities and that the possibilities are endless.

What is your goal for the next few years to come?

I have a play that I’m writing with my a friend of mine that will hit the summer festival circuit. I want to continue creating art that relates to my Iraqi background. But I mostly want to be the best actress that I can be!

What are your dream roles in the theater?

I would love to play Juliet from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette in an Iraqi adaptation. I love classics as well as the urban theater scene.

What needs a director to convince you to take on a new role?

A call! I want to explore opportunity and honor people who give me their trust.

Visit Isra’s website:

Backstage profile:

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