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Yanina Fashion House greets the second decade of the XXI сentury by creating a daring, extravagant and at the same time extremely elegant Spring-Summe...

February 9, 2020

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The Two Noble Kinsmen at the NYPL of Lincoln Center

October 22, 2018

The play by Shakespeare Two Noble Kinsmen will play at the New York Public Library in Lincoln Center, on October 20th at 1pm.


Cast list includes:

Prologue                       Virginia Hammer*

Epilogue                       Stephen A. Brown

Theseus                         David Serero 

Hippolyta                       Vicky Devany*

Emilia                             Catherine Jandrain

Pirithous                         Ken Wayne

Palemon                         Stephen A. Brown

Arcite                              Bennett Pologe

Boy who Sings               Vicky Devany*

1st Queen                       Virginia Hammer*

2nd Queen                      Jackie Margolis*

3rd Queen                       Asher Susswein

Valerius                            Asher Susswein

Herald                             Asher Susswein

Woman/Servant             Virginia Hammer*

Gentleman                       Jackie Margolis*

Messengers (all)             Jackie Margolis*

1st Knight                        Asher Susswein

2nd Knight                       Jackie Margolis*

3rd Knight                       Vicky Devany*

Geoler                              David Palmer Brown*

Geoler's Daughter          Marie Christine Katz

Geoler's Brother              Asher Susswein

Wooer                               Ken Wayne

Geoler's Friend 1             Vicky Devany*

Geoler's Friend 2             Jackie Margolis*

Doctor                               Asher Susswein

Country Person 1              David Palmer Brown*

Country person 2              Jackie Margolis*

Country Person 3              Stephen A. Brown

Country Person 4              Virginia Hammer*

Gerald, the Schoolmaster  Asher Susswein

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