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CANNES FILM FESTIVAL: “ROCANCOURT, The Film” premiere screening about Christophe Rocancourt, the Frenchman who defied the F.B.I. in the 1990s by impersonating many nobles such as Rockefeller

“ROCANCOURT, The Film” is an intense psychological action thriller that explores the complexities of identity, manipulation, and redemption. Inspired by the true story of Christophe Rocancourt, the Frenchman who defied America, the film delves deep into the troubled mind of a man who juggles his way to the top of society. David Serero, the visionary director behind this project, brings a unique perspective to this fascinating story. His ability to fuse captivating storytelling with innovative artistic direction promises to make “ROCANCOURT, Le Film” a must-see in contemporary cinema. “ROCANCOURT, Le Film” promises to be a remarkable addition to the global cinematic landscape, and its inclusion at the Cannes Film Festival validates its artistic importance. Don't miss the opportunity to discover this thrilling thriller when it premieres at the Marché du Film on May 19, 2024.

“Some dream of living many lives…One man chose to live them all.”

It is a French version of Catch Me If You Can.

After nearly two decades of anticipation, “ROCANCOURT, Le Film” is finally here. This remarkable artistic collaboration between David Serero and Christophe Rocancourt is set to bring this captivating story to life. With stunning performances, dynamic editing, and striking direction, the film is poised to be a cinematic highlight of the year. Christophe Rocancourt himself has declared: “David Serero has finally succeeded in doing what no director or producer has done: the film of my life”. This film is not just a mix of genres; it's a new cinematic style that blends documentary, thriller, action film, and spontaneous interview.

David Serero has meticulously crafted a story that chronicles Rocancourt's journey from rags to riches, from a small-time con artist to an international figure, fooling the American press by posing as a Rockefeller. His escapades led to a manhunt by the FBI and Interpol. Serero's dedication to capturing the essence of Rocancourt's complex character is evident in every frame, offering a nuanced perspective beyond the headlines and delving into the motivations behind Rocancourt's actions. All the most prominent American media, such as CNN, CBS, 60 Minutes, NY Times, and VanityFair among others, have dedicated their headlines about his extraordinary path from his modest beginnings in France to becoming one of the top ten most wanted fugitives by the F.B.I and Interpol.  

Note of intent from director and producer David Serero: "The story of Christophe Rocancourt is that of an extraordinary destiny. A unique life equation that is impossible to achieve today. The story of Christophe is the greatest film ever made. I am part of the generation who grew up with his book, which has become a cult. It is a French story with an American rhythm. It touches everyone because we can all relate to it. It is part of the heritage. I wanted the film to question the psychology of the character Rocancourt and for him to be able to express himself fully. The film begins with a quote from Christophe: 'Don't judge me, the courts don't care. are already loaded'. It was important to discover his story from his point of view with the perspective that maturity has given him. I learned a lot while making this film, which is more relevant than ever.”


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