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Commissioner of NY Cultural Affairs, Laurie Cumbo, attended The Ten Commandments, The Musical

Laurie Cumbo, Commissioner of Cultural Affairs of the City of New York for Mayor Eric Adams, attended David Serero's Off-Broadway production of The Ten Commandments, The Musical. This musical was originally presented in the French language in Paris in 2000. It's the most successful musical in France, with more than 3 million audience members worldwide. The music was written by France's most successful composer Pascal Obispo, with original French lyrics by Lionel Florence & Patrice Guirao, original choreography by Kamel Ouali, Book by Elie Chouraqui, and English and Stage adaptation by David Serero also starring as Moses.

Fast-forwarding to 2020, opera singer, director, and producer decides to bring it back to life in the English language and a new adaptation "to fit the 2022 audience," said Serero. The show opened with high success with a complete full standing ovation on May 8th:

On May 12th, Laurie Cumbo attended a performance, responding to David Serero's invitation to Mayor Eric Adams, who, with his incredible schedule, couldn't attend but asked Laurie Cumbo, Commissioner of the Cultural Affairs of New York City, to attend on his behalf.

Following the performance, David Serero introduced Mme Cumbo "She is one of the aspiring women I know. Besides coming at the most c

hallenging time in New York, right through a pandemic, she is supporting not only the Broadway productions but also the intermediary ones. So it's an honor to invite her on stage".

Watch the video of her speech:

Her speech is transcript here: "It was so fantastic! I would love for every child in New York to see this! That was what was going through my mind. This is so important, we have to continue to tell our history, we have to continue to tell the stories of inspiration of courage, adversity, how to overcome adversity, and the power that each of us to overcome challenging times. It's believing in ourselves and believing in a higher power. This was just an incredible, incredible performance. I learned so much. It's a story that has to continue to be told. As we're going through challenging times, like this pandemic, we need more stories of courage to let us know that we shall pass and we will get through this. On behalf of Mayor Eric Adams, who absolutely said "you must be there tonight," who has an incredible schedule, and this means too much to him. I represent him, and this is an honor to be here. It's an honor to open back up New York City with Arts and Culture. Because of our culture New York City is the center of the world. If we can continue to bring life through our culture with songs, dance, and music, we are going to open back to New York City better and more equitable than ever before. And our culture is the way to do it. Thank you so much."

Her presence and speech were highly applauded and appreciated by the audience.

Music by Pascal Obispo, Original french lyrics by Lionel Florence & Patrice Guirao, Book by Elie Chouraqui, English & Stage adaptation by David Serero.

Following critical acclaim and audience satisfaction, Producer David Serero is now in talks for a broadway bound and performances in West End, Dubai, Israel, Australia, and several U.S. cities. In addition, the Cast Album Recording will be available this summer.


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