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DAVID SERERO to perform at the ANDRE AZOULAY’s Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony in New York

DAVID SERERO to perform at the ANDRE AZOULAY’s Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony in New York.

Andre Azoulay - The Culture News

DAVID SERERO to perform at ANDRE AZOULAY’s Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony in New York

The opera singer and actor DAVID SERERO will perform at the Award Ceremony to celebrate the Lifetime Achievement of Mr. ANDRE AZOULAY, an iconic figure of Morocco and the Counsellor of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, in New York on Thursday, March 30th, 2017.

“Mr. Azoulay always has been a strong inspiration for every Moroccan and, in particular, every Moroccan Jew. Mr. Azoulay makes me proud every day of my Moroccan heritage. He is the symbol of co-existence and brings people together. To sing for him, in New York, for this well-deserved Award, given by the American Sephardi Federation, one of the most prestigious organizations in the world, is a tremendous honor for me.” said opera star and actor David Serero.

Mr. Serero was born and raised in Paris with a Moroccan heritage given by his father, born in Fez. David Serero is a successful opera singer, actor, and producer who lives in New York. However, he has never broken from his Sephardic and Moroccan origins. Last season, he accomplished a Sephardic triple threat! He starred as Nabucco (who was Sephardi in a way…), Shylock (Merchant of Venice), which he adapted in a Sephardi style, and Othello’s title role (adapted in a Jewish Moroccan style). Those two Shakespeare productions were a World Première. Serero added the Darbuka instrument and Shakespeare’s text, surrounded by Jewish Arabic Moroccan classic songs, and even rearranged the opera version of Verdi’s Otello with a Moroccan orchestration.

Mr. André Azoulay, Counsellor to His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, is to receive ASF’s Pomegranate Award for Lifetime Achievement in recognition of his remarkable life’s work bridging religious divides through artistic and other cultural endeavors.

Counsellor Azoulay’s fête, co-presented with Association Mimouna, will feature live performances by French-Algerian recording legend Enrico Macias, Kuwaiti star and human rights activist Ema Shah, Israeli-Moroccan singer Neta Elkayam and Amit Hai Cohen, and French-Moroccan opera singer David Serero.

In 1992, to revitalize the historical, cultural, and spiritual legacy of his hometown, Counsellor Azoulay founded the Essaouira-Mogador Foundation. The Festival of the Andalousies Atlantiques, one of the foundation’s eight cultural festivals, is the only one in the world where the stages are exclusively dedicated to Muslim and Jewish musicians, singers, and dancers. Counsellor Azoulay strongly supports the Association Mimouna, a movement of young Moroccan Muslims who preserve and promote the Moroccan Jewish heritage as an essential part of their Moroccan identity. Mr. Azoulay is also the proud father of Audrey Azoulay, the actual Culture Minister of France.

The Festival will occur at the Center for Jewish History (15 West 16th Street).

The complete list of films and ticket information can be found at:


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