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Anne Bassi reveals a largely unknown French History

Dieu le fit - Éditions Marque-pages

It is an intriguing novel that intertwines small and grand history through the journey of a corporate lawyer.

From God Made Him in 1942 in Paris in the 1970s/80s, the reader discovers several stories within history and journeys slowly alongside Christophe Lemaire, the son of indebted farmers who became a brilliant corporate lawyer. But when Christophe Lemaire discovers his true identity, a whole part of his own story and France's history is revealed to him, violently intertwining.

The author explores three main themes: heroism, justice, and family secrets, while highlighting the Resistance.

The reader delves into the world of a law firm and the significant cases that haunt legal minds. They experience the subtlety of the law, whose handling can save the lives of the wealthiest and the most disadvantaged.


Born 1944 in the Drôme region, Christophe Lemaire is the son of indebted farmers. Pushed by his teacher, who detects his intelligence, he escapes his social condition and becomes a brilliant and famous lawyer at the Paris bar.

Now wealthy and influential, a trial unearths the enigmatic ghosts of the past and two family secrets that will shatter his world and force him to confront the intertwined nature of his family heritage and history. As the story unfolds, the reader ponders: Who is Christophe? And how can he uncover those who hold the key to his past?

His quest for identity reveals a largely unknown history of French.


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