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“ROCANCOURT, THE FILM” by David Serero on the lives of Christophe Rocancourt

The spotlight turns to the fascinating story of a man with a destiny as intriguing as it is controversial. The release of the long-awaited trailer for “ROCANCOURT, le film” a captivating cinematographic production that traces the life of Christophe Rocancourt.

The Trailer for ROCANCOURT, The Film:

Director David Serero takes us on a breathtaking journey through the life of Christophe Rocancourt, a character whose name has been synonymous with mystery and daring. This trailer promises to captivate viewers with striking images and an immersive narrative that explores the twists and turns of Rocancourt's tumultuous and intimate life. David Serero said, “The film is a blend of a new style of cinematography involving documentary, thriller, action film, and spontaneous interview.” The tone is set in the trailer.

Awaited for nearly 20 years, "ROCANCOURT, The Film" is a remarkable artistic collaboration between David Serero and Christophe Rocancourt that promises to bring this captivating story to life. With breathtaking performances, dynamic editing, and striking staging, the film promises to be a must-see for the cinematographic year to come. Christophe Rocancourt indicated: “David Serero has finally succeeded in doing what no director or producer has done: the film of my life."

ROCANCOURT subtly depicts the enigmatic journey of this charismatic man, from his modest beginnings to his meteoric rise in the circles of wealth and glamour until his dramatic fall. Between the shot's brilliance, high-profile scandals, and confrontations with the law, the film explores the motivations and contradictions of an individual whose life has defied conventions and expectations.

The trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse of this cinematic production, which promises to spark fiery debate and captivate viewers with its bold exploration of human complexity.

David Serero has painstakingly assembled a story that reveals Rocancourt's rise from humble beginnings to becoming an international crook by defrauding the American press by posing as a member of the Rockefeller family, as well as his escapades and going as far as 'to have the FBI and Interpol on his trail. Serero's devotion to capturing the essence of Rocancourt's complex character shines through in every frame, providing a balanced view that goes beyond the headlines and examines the motivations behind Rocancourt's actions.

The trailer for ROCANCOURT, the Movie, is now available to the general public. It offers a tantalizing taste of what promises to be an unforgettable cinematic journey. The film's official theatrical release is scheduled for April 3, 2024.

Note of intent from director and producer David Serero:

The story of Christophe Rocancourt is that of an extraordinary destiny. A unique life equation that is impossible to achieve today. Christophe's story is the most excellent film ever made. I am part of the generation who grew up with his book, which became a cult. It’s a French story with an American rhythm. It affects everyone because we all find ourselves there. An urban legend that is part of our heritage. I wanted the film to question the psychology of the character Rocancourt and for him to be able to express himself fully. The film begins with a quote from Christophe: “Don’t judge me; the courts have already taken care of it.” It was essential to discover his story from his point of view with the perspective that maturity has brought him. I learned a lot while making this film; it is more relevant than ever.

David Serero

Released April 3, 2024.


Directed and Produced by David Serero


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