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Jewish opera singer David Serero performs Saudi Arabia national anthem during Hanukkah celebration

Jewish opera singer David Serero performed Saudi Arabia's national anthem during the Hanukkah celebration for Jews and Muslims last Thursday in New York.

Over the last 48 hours, Moroccan-Jewish Opera star David Serero has been making headlines in the Arab world for singing Saudi Arabia's National Anthem during a Hanukkah Jewish Holiday's joint celebration bringing Jews and Muslims together. This event was organized by the American Sephardi Federation at the Center for Jewish History Museum in New York in partnership with the Saudi American Public Relations Affairs Committee (S.A.P.R.A.C).

Following the published video online, the Israeli Foreign Minister reposted a video of David Serero’s brilliant performance on their official Facebook and Twitter and added the following comment: « Jewish singer singing with their Muslim friends the Saudi national anthem at a joint ceremony for Jews and Muslims in the United States to celebrate the Jewish holiday. Yes, to peace and interfaith coexistence between religions! ».

The performance has been going viral and was shared by all Middle Eastern media.

The official video can be seen here:

Joined over the phone, David Serero added, « I hope to sing in Saudi Arabia and express my love to this country, its culture, and its people. My dear friends of the American Sephardi Federation brought this wonderful event, and I’m eternally grateful to Jason Guberman and Irina Tsukerman for offering me to sing this beautiful and important anthem. In Morocco, Jews and Muslims have grown with each other and built an eternal mutual love. Following Morocco’s perfect example of coexistence, I’m building bridges with my open hand and heart to any Arabic community. »

On his Facebook page, David Serero posted: « My arms and heart are always opened to all my Muslim brothers, and may the lights of the Hanukkah Jewish holiday shine in the homes of all my Muslims brothers and sisters.»

This beautiful symbol of peace was brought by the American Sephardi Federation, its executive director Mr. Jason Guberman, Irina Tsukerman, Moroccan Americans in New York, and the Saudi American Public Relations Affairs Committee (S.A.P.R.A.C).

David Serero sings the Saudi Arabia national anthem
David Serero sings the Saudi Arabia national anthem
David Serero sings the Saudi Arabia national anthem
David Serero sings the Saudi Arabia national anthem


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