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OviBar: The Water Bar from the French Start-Up Reinventing Your Hydration!

OviBar, the innovative young French start-up, has recently launched a revolutionary solution for water consumption: a water minibar connected to the water network, offering an ecological, economical, and practical alternative. Founded by Ovadia Schvarcz, an entrepreneur passionate about ecology, OviBar aims to become a leader in sustainable water solutions.

A Clear and Committed Mission:

OviBar's mission is clear: to reduce the environmental impact of bottled water consumption (more than 40 million bottles are consumed daily in France) by promoting the use of tap water. OviBar, easily integrated into homes, businesses, and public spaces, offers filtered water—hot, cold, or room temperature—directly from the tap. With its advanced three-stage filtration system, OviBar ensures superior quality water while retaining essential minerals.

A Triple Impact: Ecological, Economical, and Practical:

OviBar is not just a practical solution; it also addresses our time's economic and ecological challenges. With OviBar, reduce your plastic bottle consumption, contribute to significant plastic waste reduction, and achieve substantial savings.

The "Baby Bottle" Button:

OviBar has innovated by responding to the needs of young parents with a "Baby Bottle" button, which is ideal for quickly and efficiently preparing bottles at 37°C.

Already Available in France and Europe:

OviBar is already available in France and Europe and is ready to transform how you consume water—oviBar targets many customers, from eco-conscious families to companies committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Discover OviBar on "Qui veut être mon associé?":

The startup recently presented its project on the show "Qui veut être mon associé?" on M6. Don't miss this opportunity to discover the future of drinking water!

To learn more about OviBar and how this innovation can transform water consumption while achieving savings, visit


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