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"ROCANCOURT, The Film” by David Serero Celebrated at the Cannes Film Festival and Set for International Release

Cannes, France - The Cannes Film Festival witnessed a memorable cinematic event with the screening of "ROCANCOURT, The Film," directed and produced by David Serero. The film, which delves into the complex and fascinating lives of Christophe Rocancourt, received a triumphant reception, garnering standing ovations and rave reviews.

On May 19, 2024, "ROCANCOURT, The Film" was screened at the prestigious Marché du Film during the Cannes Film Festival. The theater, filled with cinephiles and film industry professionals from around the world, buzzed with anticipation and enthusiasm for this unique cinematic work. Audiences were captivated by this intense psychological thriller that dives deep into the troubled mind of Christophe Rocancourt, a man who defied conventions and laws to reach unprecedented heights.


Before its presentation in Cannes, the film premiered at the Artplexe cinema in Marseille on May 17, 2024. This screening was also sold out, demonstrating the interest and excitement surrounding the film far beyond the Croisette. Marseille audiences praised the film's striking performance, further confirming its potential success with a diverse audience.


Building on its success in France, "ROCANCOURT, The Film" is now set to conquer international screens. In September 2024, the film will be screened in the United States, marking the beginning of its world tour. Cinema enthusiasts around the globe will have the opportunity to discover this fascinating story that blends documentary, thriller, action, and spontaneous interviews, offering a deep dive into the life and motivations of Christophe Rocancourt.


David Serero, the visionary director behind this project, stated: "Seeing ROCANCOURT, The Film receive such a warm welcome at Cannes validates the importance and relevance of this story. Christophe Rocancourt is a complex and fascinating character, and I am honored to share his story with a global audience. I look forward to seeing how the film will be received in the United States and other countries."


Christophe Rocancourt himself added: "David Serero has managed to capture the essence of my life in an unprecedented way. It is an honest and non-judgmental perspective on my journey, and I am proud to see that the film resonates with so many people."


Following the screening, the evening continued at the prestigious nightclub Chrystie, with Christophe Rocancourt and David Serero in attendance. The event, mixed by iconic DJ Cut Killer, is one that festival-goers will remember. Chrystie, with its artistic direction perfectly handled by Vanessa Dirven and managed by Matthieu Mestelan, was packed: Watch the recap video:

Buoyed by the interest generated around the film, it returns to theaters in various French cities in June 2024. See the dates at


"ROCANCOURT, The Film" is a psychological thriller inspired by the life of Christophe Rocancourt, a man who navigated the tumultuous waters of international fraud, defying authorities and social conventions. With captivating storytelling and innovative artistic direction, David Serero has created a cinematic work that explores themes of identity, childhood, manipulation, and redemption.




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