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Russian star Avraam Russo has released his new single "Ya Habibi" (я хабиби) and a new music video

Russian singer Avraam Russo has entertained audiences for several decades and is a legend of international pop culture. 

Avraam Russo is an international artist who has recorded songs in several languages. With "Daleko Daleko," he shot a video of a famous Russian cover of an extensive Arabic hit, "Tamally Maak" by Amr Diab. He has four platinum albums recorded in Russia: Amor (2001), Tonight (2002), Prosto Lyubit' (2003), and Obruchalnaya (2006), with songs in Russian and English. "Amor" became a No. 1 hit in Russia and Eastern Europe. He has sold millions of copies of the CD worldwide. His all-English spiritual album Resurrection (2010) was recorded in the United States, where he resides with his wife, Morela.

His most recent single release is the Middle Eastern-flavored "Ya Habibi," produced by David Serero, who also directed and produced the music video. This song is a pure tribute to Middle Eastern culture, which is Avraam Russo’s background (he was born in Syria and is of Armenian origin). The music video is also dedicated to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and, most notably, the city of Dubai. The prestigious airline company "Emirates" is featured in this music video. 

"The city of Dubai provides the perfect landscape for the song "Ya Habibi," said David Serero, “and Avraam's voice and unique style made this song an absolute masterpiece. The song is already playing in several clubs and on radio stations worldwide. We live in an era where all cultures blend in, and we can finally celebrate our unity. Regardless of your origins, we are all the "Habibi" of someone!" said Serero, who has always been a strong admirer of Russo's talents. "Avraam Russo is one of the most inspiring performers I know. His story and culture shine through in his voice. When he performs on stage, he puts all his soul into his voice and brings everyone together."

The single "Ya Habibi" is available worldwide on all platforms. It is worth mentioning that Avraam Russo wears the unique "Napoleon and Josephine Watches," specifically the Red Napoleon model featured in the music video. 

Avraam Russo collaborated with other artists, including Christina Orbakaite, the daughter of legendary Russian pop star Alla Pugacheva. Now, Russo is reconquering the Russian scene, with the "Superstar" TV project receiving high ratings and the audience’s appreciation. The performer retained the status of a high-class artist and intends to achieve new heights with this new single, "Ya Habibi."

The music video:

The single is available on all platforms:


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