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The Oriental Fashion Show at the Louvre Museum during the Paris Fashion Week 2020

The Oriental Fashion Show opens at the Louvre Museum during the Paris Fashion Week 2020 featuring world class fashion designers.

Oriental Fashion Show Louvre

The Oriental Fashion Show opens at the Carrousel du Louvre, on January 20, 2020, with an exceptional and prestigious fashion show, at the confluence of culture and luxury highlighting the « Wonders of the Silk Road ».

For its 34th edition, the Oriental Fashion Show is going to present the splendors of the Orient through a selection of nearly twenty Fashion Houses. The collections will highlight unique couture from elsewhere, tinged with tradition and modernity.

The Carrousel du Louvre, the center of Art and Culture at the Louvre Museum, will be for one day, the scene of expression of a rich and refined creativity revealing the unlimited potential of designers from Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Middle East, and the Maghreb. Reunited on the same catwalk, the elite of oriental fashion will be parading in order to promote another vision of luxury and fashion combining culture, creation, and know-how. Opera star David Serero will perform during the event. Fashion model Marina Goloventchik (Cover of l'Officiel Lithuania) will make her Paris Fashion Week debut.

The Oriental Fashion Show represents more than a fashion show. Over the years, this event has become a true artistic forum, a cultural dialogue between East and West.

This new edition will pay a vibrant tribute to the splendors of the Silk Road. This trip will be an opportunity to discover the still little-known riches of Central Asia, through Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkestan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and end up in the Maghreb (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya).

About the Oriental Fashion Show

Founded in Paris in 2004, the Oriental Fashion Show is dedicated to promoting oriental-inspired couture. A veritable pool of talents, one of a kind, the event has forged its name by presenting, several times a year, around the world, a rich mixture of established and emerging creators, whose heritage is located along ancient regions. that bordered the Silk Road and Al-Andalus. Since its creation, the organizers have drawn from the rich reservoir of oriental couture, combining luxury, culture, and heritage preservation, in Paris and across more than 10 countries. The Oriental Fashion Show knows no borders and multiplies the stops, in search of a common history and considers fashion as a vector for bringing people and cultures together.

Program of Monday January 20th 2020:

12pm - Hany El Behairy - Egypt

2pm - Abed Mahfouz - Lebanon

2:30pm - Samira Hadouchi - Morocco

2:50pm - Saher Okal - Nazareth

3:30pm - Noura Alhumaid - Saudi Arabia

5:30pm - Adiba Al Mahboub - Kuwait

5:50pm - Houda Serbouti - Morocco

6:15pm - Mouna Ben Braham - Tunisia

6:35pm - Raishma - UK / Pakistan

7pm - Fatima Zohra Idrissi-Filali - Morocco

7:30pm - Yasmina - Algeria

8pm - Aida Komenova - Kazakstan

8:30pm - Uventa - Azerbaijan


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