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“The Ten Commandments, The Musical” receives four BroadwayWorld Awards Nominations!

BroadwayWorld Awards: “The Ten Commandments, The Musical” is nominated four times for Best Direction, Production, Performance, and New Musical!

The originated French musical “The Ten Commandments, The Musical,” had its U.S. premiere last May 2022, Off-Broadway, at the Center for Jewish History (New York). The production was the idea of French baritone and producer David Serero, who adapted in English, directed, produced, and starred as Moses. The show received smashing reviews and had Laurie Cumbo, the Commissioner of Cultural Affairs of the City of New York, to attend and make a bright speech. The musical, written by Pascal Obispo, one of France's most celebrated composers, wrote the music in 2000. With original French lyrics by Lionel Florence and Patrica Guirao, the show was a massive hit, with several millions of audience members attending. Twenty years later, Serero decided to bring it to life and make it cross the Atlantic by giving it its U.S. and English-language premiere with a limited-run production, with a new stage adaptation with the addition of dialogues (written by Elie Chouraqui).

The 2022 BroadwayWorld Awards, celebrates the best of Live theater, which had their first performance between October 1, 2021 through September 30, 2022. BroadwayWorld editors have set the categories, readers have submitted nominees, and now the audience gets to vote. Eligibility is for productions which opened in the year 2022.

"The Ten Commandments, The Musical” dramatizes the biblical story of the life of Moses. This adopted Egyptian prince becomes the deliverer of his real brethren, the enslaved Hebrews, and after that leads the Exodus to Mount Sinai, where he receives, from God, the Ten Commandments.

Here are the nominations for “The Ten Commandments, The Musical”:

Best Direction of a Musical (David Serero)

Best Performance in a Musical (David Serero as Moses)

Best Production of a Musical (David Serero)

Best New Musical (Pascal Obispo)

David Serero just completed with success the opening night gala of the Opera Royal du Maroc (The Royal Opera of Morocco) in Casablanca. This is the first official national opera company of Morocco. He learned of his nominations over the weekend “I was honored in 2021 when I won 3 BroadwayWorld Awards (Best Performer, Producer of a Play, and Musical), and that changed my life. I'm so proud of the hard work I did on that particular production, as it represented a tremendous challenge to adapt that huge show and make it an American musical. I am still working on the production of the Cast Album Recording, and these nominations just got me even more excited to push it to the limits. It also brings me the opportunity to dedicate all these nominations and, hopefully, these wins to the lead singer of the original French production, the iconic Daniel Levy, who passed away from cancer in France last August. It broke my heart as he truly taught me so much when he kindly agreed to meet me to coach me on the part. This production will always be dedicated to him. I am also so happy and so grateful for the authors to have their work recognized with these important nominations in the country of Musicals: America. I will bring that musical again very soon”.

Click here to see all the categories for Musicals and Plays and to vote:

The votes are open until December 31st, 2022. For The Ten Commandments, The Musical, you must visit the categories of Best Direction of a Musical, Best Performance in a Musical, Best Production of a Musical, and Best New Musical.

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