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The Jewish Museum of Morocco in Casablanca receives the largest donation of Moroccan Judaica artifac

The Jewish Museum of Morocco in Casablanca receives the largest donation of Moroccan Judaica artifacts donated by opera singer David Serero.

Sunday, February 10th, 2019 at 11am, an exceptional intimate ceremony was held in honor of this unique donation. French opera singer David Serero (of Moroccan Jewish origins), living in New York, has been collecting works of art for almost 20 years. Part of his collection is dedicated to Moroccan Judaica, which he collects around the world. "It's in Morocco that this collection naturally deserves to rest," said David Serero. High political figures such, as Mr. Serge Berdugo (President of the Jewish Community of Casablanca and the Jewish Museum of Casablanca), all expressed their recognition for David Serero and his donation.

Zhor Rehihil, the curator of the Moroccan Jewish Museum, recalled the importance of this unprecedented gift. Mr. Berdugo presented to David Serero a Trophy of Honor in recognition of his commitment to the Jewish Moroccan culture. This donation represents nearly thirty unique artifacts acquired by Mr. Serero during the last fifteen years.

It is, to this day, the largest donation of Moroccan Judaica artifacts ever donated to a Moroccan Museum.

During the ceremony, David Serero could not restrain his tears by evoking his grandparents, to whom he dedicates this collection (Raphael and Lily Serero), and paid tribute to his Moroccan father Marcel Serero (present for the occasion). «My grandparents left Morocco, but Morocco never left father always raised us in the Moroccan offer this collection and to dedicate it to my grandparents, allows them to return to Morocco through the big door,» recalled David Serero in a vivid emotion. The great-grandfather of David Serero was none other than the first Chief Rabbi of Morocco and President of the Rabbinical Court of Fez, Mr. Haim David Serero (1883-1967) whose original documents, collected by David Serero, were also donated to the Museum.

David Serero intends to offer artifacts from his collection to any museums who would express an interest to have them. «The citizen gesture of Mr. David Serero, who is a famous baritone in the United States, gave us a magical collection. He is an irrefutable example of this love for Morocco,» said Serge Berdugo.

This donation made the headline of Morocco's television news including the 1st Moroccan TV channel 2M, as well as doing the cover of Le Matin (the largest Moroccan newspaper), making this donation of national importance. It marked a new step between the love of Morocco’s Jews and Muslims and their unique relationship in this country that has always considered all its Jewish subjects as Moroccan citizens. David Serero has never hidden his dream: To sing for His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco.

The opera singer was invited by the C.C.M.E at the International Book Fair (S.I.E.L) of Casablanca, to participate in a conference about Moroccans Artists who perform abroad. During this conference, he recalled his attachment to Morocco and improvised tunes of his repertoire for the joy of the public. He intends to bring all his knowledge to benefit Moroccans and the Moroccan youth. David Serero is the founder of the 1st Opera Festival of Morocco to be held in 2020 in Casablanca and in the rest of the Kingdom. Along with the American Sephardi Federation, David Serero has participated in the Moroccan culture's promotion and expansion in the United States. He announced, in his recent interview in "Le Matin", his desire to create a Moroccan museum in New York.

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