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Former Nickelodeon Star Zoey Burger makes her Off-Broadway debut as Anne Frank

Zoey Burger, who starred in 80 episodes of Nickelodeon’s Every Witch Way, has been officially cast as Anne Frank from "Anne Frank, a Musical” in the upcoming Off-Broadway production directed & produced by David Serero, starting on October 11th, 2023.

The world of theater is about to witness a remarkable transformation as former Nickelodeon teenage star Zoey Burger steps into the spotlight to portray the title role of Anne Frank in the upcoming production of "Anne Frank, a Musical,” written by Jean-Pierre Hadida. This highly anticipated emotive musical adaptation of Anne Frank’s life is set to grace the stage under the expert direction and production of the renowned David Serero, who won for that piece the 2020 BroadwayWorld Award for Best Producer of a Musical and Best Performer (as Otto Frank).

"Anne Frank, a Musical" is a compelling production that breathes new life into the remarkable story of Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl who, during World War II, sought refuge with her family in an Amsterdam attic to escape the horrors of the Holocaust. Through her diary, Anne Frank's voice has endured the test of time, offering a memorable reminder of the strength of hope, resilience, and the indomitable human spirit. Twelve performers bring Anne Frank’s life on stage.

Renowned director and producer David Serero expressed his excitement about the cast: "Among more than 2,400 actresses who applied for the sole role of Anne and hundreds of auditions aired with callbacks, I am delighted to welcome Zoey Burger into my production as Anne Frank. Zoey's talent and hard work will leave an indelible mark on this iconic character. I am confident that her performance resulting from the required devotion will profoundly resonate with today’s audiences.”

Zoey Burger also shared her enthusiasm for such a meaningful and challenging role:

“I learned about "Anne Frank, A Musical" in 2019 during its debut production at the Center for Jewish History. I was so excited when I saw a casting breakdown for the 2023 production that I directly contacted our director and producer, David Serero, to audition. After sending over self-tapes, I met David for a final in-person callback and was offered the role. I have dreamt of bringing this important story since I first read the Diary of Anne Frank at age 12. Being given this immense responsibility is an honor I don't take lightly. My time on Every Witch Way was such an incredible experience. I started shooting for Nickelodeon when I was 14, and it taught me a lot about commitment and hard work while remembering to invite in the joy of storytelling and performance. I will be bringing those lessons with me throughout this process. I am overjoyed to be making my Off-Broadway Debut in such a meaningful role. I thank David Serero for trusting me with this incredible opportunity,” said Zoey Burger.

Rehearsals for "Anne Frank, a Musical" are already ongoing. The production promises to be a moving and unforgettable experience, touching the hearts of audiences worldwide following its sold-out Off-Broadway performances in 2019. The original Cast Album Recording was released in 2021. The 2023 Cast includes Zoey Burger (Anne Frank), David Serero (Otto Frank), Paloma Aisenberg (Edith Frank), Kelly Fuller (Peter), Yardèn Barr (Margot), Marko Dumancic (Hermann Van Pels), Shelby Joelle Cox (Augusta Van Pels), Aaron Penzel (Fritz Pfeffer), Madison Merlanti (Miep), Alexander Ullian (Narrator), Alina Garcia (Soloist + U/S all female roles), Liza Suzanna (U/S all female roles), Steven Harris (U/S all male roles), Benjamin Balatbat (piano), E. Zoe Hassman (cello).

Tickets are available on or 212.239.6200.


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