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Alexander Vertinsky conquers London

by Dr Natalia Kolosova

Igor Lamba’s performance “The Road is Long” about the life and work of the great Russian singer and actor Alexander Vertinsky enjoyed great success at Rossotrudnichestvo in the UK on July 6, 2017. The audience applauded Lamba and would not let him go, requesting him to perform more and more of Vertinsky’s songs and wanting to learn fresh details about his life.

The actor presented a programme based on the songs and recollections of the author and performer, loved by many generations of Russians. The style of narration about Vertinsky was in the first person and it enabled Lamba to communicate the delicate soul of the poet through the precise intonations of his voice and through the sophisticated movement of his hands and arms, which reflected the atmosphere of the Silver Age of Russian poetry.

Igor Lamba, an amazing artist from St. Petersburg, has complete possession of the different techniques of the actor’s art - pantomime, clowning, Butoh Theatre and drama. He also has fine vocal gifts and through the combination of these talents  succeeded in creating a moving image of Vertinsky, which found a warm response in the hearts of Russians living in London. The audience were enabled to immerse themselves in the world of Vertinsky’s poetry - the world of romanticism, dreams and  illusions, which the soul of every person strives to penetrate.

The performance was a significant event not only for admirers of Vertinsky’s work, but also became a revelation for those of a younger generation present in the audience. After the performance those present expressed their sincere hopes to see Igor Lamba again soon. He was awarded the Grand Prix of the “New Talents World” Stars of The Albion Performing Arts Festival held in London last June. Lamba became a great new acting revelation for London.     

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